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Your voice matters! We believe once you have considered the facts you will make an informed decision to say NO to consolidated collection.


It's bad for you, it's bad for business, and it's bad for Burlington. 

Contact Your City Councilor

If 7 City Councilors vote YES, then that's it! Your choice will be gone, your costs will go up, local drivers will be out of work, and the City of Burlington will be responsible for running all residential waste pickup (which with their track record should be concerning!)

Call or email your City Councilor to let them know this proposal is unnecessary and too costly. Contact info can be found here:

Contact the Mayor

The Mayor had the power to veto consolidated collection, and we hope he does. Email the Mayor's office and let him know that you don't want the City Government in charge of all waste collection. There are bigger problems to deal with and better places to spend $6 million dollars! 

Contact info can be found here:


Speak at the Public Engagement Meeting on September 7th


Take the Survey

The City's Department of Public Works has released a survey to take feedback from the public. While we think this is a rushed and inaccurate method of public engagement, we don't want the City Council to approve this proposal because only supporters of government-controlled waste collection took the few minutes to fill out a survey.. 

Take the survey now:

The Department of Public Works will be hosting a meeting to present information about the proposal and take your feedback. The meeting will be virtual / by phone. Below is information on how to participate.


September 7th, 6PM, meeting Via Zoom or call-in. 

​​​​​​Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 827 6399 9483

Passcode: 098102

Call In:  1 929 205 6099 and enter Meeting ID: 827 6399 9483, Passcode 098102

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